What's Velnota

We built Velnota to help you build

It's where you can help others and others help you. Velnota is a social media used for extending and commenting ideas, services, and and opinions. Really, it's whatever you want it to be. A folder for your secrets, a community for tree huggers, or a Manhattan Project genius forum competing with Flat Earth believers, seeing who can convince each other right about what makes red an enraging color (yes, having nothing to do with physics).

Make it home; have it be what you want those walls to be.

Why does it look familiar yet so different?

Velnota's extensions are based on its creator's stream of consciousness. It would jump from one idea to another as he dived into more and more of the nitty gritty of the solution to a problem he came up with.

The comment section looks like YouTube's... because it is! It's easy to follow and brings heated discussions I've never seen before. We compared it to a civilized comment section at Reddit but noticed it didn't generate enough heat or intrigue.

Ah and the walls. The creator used to tape notes onto his wall. Unfortunately, most rooms only have four walls, and a computer wasn't an option (clumsy and inconvenient to always borrow from his parents).