Since the beginning of Velnota, we've always want to better society. Three years ago, our mission was to gather butting heads and make them friendlier by encouraging listening without respect, or listening to learn, not to be just respectful.

That goal hasn't changed. But under new cultures, we change our goals with society. Effective 2021, Velnota is pushing towards a new goal: active writing. It's not enough to simply reply to a comment. It's not enough to simply upvote a post. That engagement is the teetering stone of social media; we want to grow with how we think we can re-balance society when a new world order arises.

We aim to encourage collaborative writing and brainstorming through our tree structures, but our algorithms will change every now and then. No gaming the market for advertisers. No simple joke extensions (unless they're pristine memes). We want this algorithm for you and no one else.

The goal is easier said than done. People are stubborn, people don't like change. Our mission is to be gradual with our balancing efforts while maintaining healthy virtual communities for all our users to spread indirectly through their physical, loving communities.