Velnota congregates people with ideas to grow society, interweave opinions, and connect with different minded neighbors. Velnota's users offer each other the best access to each other's creativity, knowledge, and cleverness -- whether that be resourceful or lucrative.

An ad model we're proud of

Velnota encourages businesses and users to feed each other cultures, ideas, and opinions on the platform to accelerate business growth and spur consumer interest, mutually benefiting each other. That means Velnota is not in the individually-targeted ad audience market. We do cross-wall advertisements. This decreases "ad weariness" as there'll be a diverse amount of ads for consumers that keep them engaged and interested (curiosity is key!).

Unlike any other ad model, Velnota brings large corporations to small startups to post ads in several communities who are not necessarily in your target audience to increase diversity of opinion and positive feedback. This brings more clever people out of their comfort zone to take an interest in new fields (I never knew I loved fashion and finance!). Don't believe us?

Take the one of the first progamming languages as an example:

Some of Fortran's creator's were chess players who were hired because they were thought to have logical minds.

We post your ad in several walls (you can't see the walls' content) for members of seemingly completely different walls to comment and extend. Here are some examples of what we can do:

When it comes to comments and extensions of your ads, embrace users' new ideas and feedback! We encourage utmost collaboration efforts in a healthy, respectable, and growing manner, to expand everyone's knowledge and grow society together.

Want to work at Velnota? Are you a philosophy major, architect, or factory worker? You may just fit in at Velnota! Stay tuned for job opportunities!