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Maybe add a leaderboard for number of donations?
Yeah! We can encourage people through virtual points!
I can help if we can add it to Alexa and Siri!
Journal 121: first day of college, and I got to meet up with old pals! TODO: Finish math hw.

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Give an idea vibrancy: extend notes like a tree branch and comment on notes like leaves

Velnota's users offer each other best access to each other's creativity -- whether that be resourceful or lucrative.

Share a journey and build on walls

the next memes, movements, and inventions



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Velnota's environment houses an endangered species: free thinkers who like to both talk and listen. Opinions live to be heard, deliberated, and implemented — all through the power of notes taped onto walls.

You can post ideas through words, images, and videos and keep branching off those initial ideas. All of notes can be grouped into one space — a wall.

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A Wall: For You and Others
"2017 Women's March 1 WDC" by Mobilus In Mobili is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

All notes are either in the public or posted in a wall. A wall is a public or private space where you can split your notes for certain people or categorized ideas.

Gather Friends and Thoughts
"eLivingcampus development: Data process" by Samuel Mann is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Share notes with your family or friends, create a specific topic, organize a workspace for your company or movement, or make a personal folder to fit your personal content.

Creativity Branches
"Tesla coil transformer" by Disgwylfa is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Whatever you want your walls of notes to be, it CAN be based on your needs and creativity.

Extend notes and projects

to emerse yourself into the realistic future

Base/Primary Note Extension Note Extension Note - extends the idea of the base note

Posts are created in a tree structure. You can extend notes like a tree branch and comment on notes like leaves - giving an idea vibrancy. You extend notes in order to build on top of others' ideas, not to debate.

Extending a note is like extending an idea, branching out from a note's original intentions. To share thoughts or counterpoints on a note, users would comment instead.

Talk through stories, ideas, and opinions

in order to start building upon them

Comment on notes to bring a story, idea, or opinion to life. Stories are core to understanding. Velnota brings stories to you to expand your knowledge and wisdom using others' perspectives.

Take a Congressman with constituents in their district's wall as an example:

Congressman: How do we deescalate the War on Drugs?

Deescalate? It'll be here for all of human history


Liberal plot. Just allowing more criminals.


Then extend the note and figure out why jailing everyone isn't working in the long run.


Legalizing and putting more into education


Legalizing is a move showing "It's OK;" counterproductive!


But if the bluff works, then market demand can naturally stop War on Drugs... I think...


A social media

that shows full context from the bottom of the tree and through all its branches, giving you more insight

Unlike any other social media, the tree structure of notes and their extensions provides context. It allows users to know the backstory of an idea.

Other platforms spread misinformation by being lazy; Velnota serves a silver platter of truth via its design.

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